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NAS extension

General information about the extension of the Fauna Europaea
project to the Newly Associated States (NAS) countries

During former Fauna Europaea meetings it was concluded that a stronger involvement of colleagues from East European countries would be very welcome.

On the 7th of August 2001, the European Commission published a Call, which addressed our specific need to finance the expansion of the FaEu project to Eastern Europe. This Call allowed for countries that are candidates for accession to the EU, to participate in current EU projects.

Newly Associated States (NAS) are: Bulgaria, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia (also see the map below).

This Call asked coordinators of Community funded projects to identify legal entities from NAS, which could be included in their existing consortia. The additional participants from NAS should clearly add value to the existing project and this must be duly justified. The deadline of the Call was 15 February 2002.

Warsaw Preparatory Meeting 7-8 December 2001

The Warsaw Crocodile

Scope of Extension

The scope of the extension has been discussed by the FaEu Steering Committee, and partner institutes (and experts in these institutes) will have to contribute to the following tasks:

1. Faunistic (distributional) data

2. Validation process (cross checking European checklists with national lists)

3. Information technology and datamining techniques

4. Submitting new taxonomic accounts (workshops)

5. Organisation of conferences/ workshops with NAS experts and group coordinators

6. Translation of interfaces into official EU languages

7. Establishing contacts with countries even further East (i.e. Russia)

8. Interlinking with existing databases

9. National legal issues in relation to exploitation (i.e. IPR) and dissemination

   (i.e. copyrights).

August 2002: FaEu-NAS extension to start

A positive evaluation has been given to the proposal: "Fauna Europaea extension to NAS countries" by the European Commission. At the moment we are in the Contract Negotiating Phase of the project, which will be kept as short as possible to enable a rapid onset of the project. The start date of the FaEu-NAS project will be either July or August 2002, and the duration will be 20 months, which was the maximum possible time as it is allowed only to run parallel with the existing FaEu project that will end by March 2004.

Participants from all, but Cyprus, NAS countries are included in the project. We have been able to find prominent institutes, which show promising capabilities. A preparatory meeting with new participants was held at 7-8 December 2001 in Warsaw, Poland.

The FaEu-NAS Start Up meeting has been held recently in Bratislava, Slovakia from 25th-27th July 2002. This meeting has been very successful in introducing new participants to EU matters and for the FaEu staff members to work interactively with all to assist with the preparations of workplans. Due to the high level of enthousiasm of all new participants about their involvement in the project and about their future contributions, a pleasant and spirited atmosphere of creativity was the result.

Website of the start up meeting in Bratislava: http://www.fns.uniba.sk/~kzo/faeu/NAS-Blava.htm

FaEu-NAS Consortium

The FaEu-NAS Consortium


University of Amsterdam, Zoological
Museum Amsterdam

The Netherlands


Museum & Insitute of Zoology, PAS

Warsaw, Poland

Environmental Information Centre GRID

Warsaw, Poland


National Museum of National History, BAS

Sofia, Bulgaria

University of Tartu, Inst. of Zoology & Hydrobiology

Tartu, Estonia

Hungarian Natural History Museum

Budapest, Hungary

Institute of Ecology

Vilnius, Lithuania

University of Malta, Dept. of Biology

Msida, Malta

University of Latvia, Faculty of Biology

Riga, Latvia

University of Lodz, Dept. of Invertebrate Zoology

Lodz, Poland

"Emil Racovitza" Speleological Institute

Cluj, Romania

Institute of Zoology, SAS

Bratislava, Slovakia

Comenius University, Dept. of Zoology

Bratislava, Slovakia

National Institute of Biology

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Institute of Entomology, CAS

Ceské Budejovice, Czech Republic

Bratislava Start Up Meeting 25-27 July 2002


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