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Data collation

Data collation is the responsibility of selected taxonomic experts who are committed to contribute with high quality taxonomic data to the Fauna Europaea project in one of three possible roles:

  • Group Coordinator (GC)

  • Taxonomic Specialist (TS)

  • Associate Specialist (AS)

Fauna Europaea Taxonomic Experts

Group Coordinators are responsible for the organisation of the data collation of an entire taxon group (a taxon above family level). Group Coordinatiors are also supervisors of the taxonomic criteria and standards used by the Taxonomic Specialists and assist with the set up and maintenance of - a certain part - of the higher hierarchy. Besides, they can act as a Taxonomic Specialist themselves within a specific group (family) or groups (families).

Taxonomic Specialists are responsible for the actual delivery of the standard taxonomic data set (see Fauna Europaea standards) within a specific family or list of families. The size of a group may have lead a Group Coordinator to decide to cooperate with several Taxonomic Specialists contributing to different sections within a taxon group.

Associate Specialists can assist GC's or TS's either with respect to taxonomic details within certain groups (as a taxonomic advisor) or act as a local expert, validating taxonomic data sets with respect to their faunistic merits in a particular country or region.

Data validation

All data sets as collated by the Fauna Europaea experts, will be checked within the Fauna Europaea National Focal Point network.

The names of the reviewers involved are accessible at the National Focal Point websites.

Preparatory organisation

Fauna Europaea was initially developed as a EU funded project (contract no. EVR1-CT-1999-20001). The key persons involved served in the following roles.

Fauna Europaea Bureau


Yde de Jong (head & executive manager)

Melina Verbeek


Verner Michelsen

Per Bjørn de la Place

Fedor Steeman


Nicolas Bally

Claire Basire


Przemek Chylarecki

Management Committee


Wouter Los (chair & general coordinator)


Henrik Enghoff (coordinator Copenhagen)


Daniel Goujet (coordinator Paris)

Steering Committee


Wouter Los (chair & general coordinator)


Henrik Enghoff


Daniel Goujet


Philippe Bouchet


Trudy Brannan (Chair Dissemination and Exploitation)


Anastasios Legakis (Chair Validation & Gap analysis)


Allessandro Minelli (Chair Taxonomy)


Peter Schalk (Chair IT)


Miguel Zarazaga (Chair Geographic Information)


Montserrat Gomendio Kindelan (Chair End User group)


Alfonso Navas Sanchez (Chair End User group)

More details about the project can be found at the project organisation webpages.


The Fauna Europaea project was supported by the European Commission under contract no. EVR1-CT-1999-20001).

All the contributing Group Coordinators, Taxonomic Specialists, Associate Specialists, and Reviewers invested a lot of their personal time in the project, and continue to do so.

Additional sponsoring was received from:

The following organisations contributed to Fauna Europaea:

  • Fauna Europaea principal partner institutes

  • Fauna Europaea National Focal Points


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