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Other relevant on-line databases within the Kingdom Animalia

Global species databases

Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)

In the near term, GBIF will provide a global metadata registry of the available biodiversity data with open interfaces.

Species 2000

Species 2000 has the objective of enumerating all known species of organisms on Earth (animals, plants, fungi and microbes) as the baseline dataset for studies of global biodiversity.

Regional species databases

European Register of Marine Species (ERMS)

A register of marine species in Europe to facilitate marine biodiversity research and management.

Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS)

Authoritative taxonomic information on plants, animals, fungi, and microbes of North America and the world.

Fauna Italia

A complete checklist of the whole Italian fauna, over 57,400 species now online.

Fauna Iberica

A systematic check-list of the Ibero-Balearic metazoans.

National Biodiversity Network's Species Dictionary

The Species Dictionary provides a standard reference for names of organisms found in the United Kingdom.

Taxonomic group databases


A Global Information System on fishes containing species info and taxonomy of fishes of the world.


A database-driven web site on all living Cephalopods (octopus, squid, cuttlefish and nautilus), photographs, references.


Database containing species info and taxonomy of amphibians of the world.

Amphibian Species of the World 3.0 an Online Reference

The EMBL Reptile database

Database containing species info and taxonomy of reptiles of the world.

Mammal species of the world (MSW)

Contains the names of the 4,629 currently recognized species of mammals, in a taxonomic hierarchy that includes Order, Family, Subfamily, and Genus.

Global taxonomic database of Tineidae - the clothes-moth family - (Lepidoptera)

This database gives the current applicable name for 3000 species, and information as to where, when and by whom each was described, and where the original specimen(s) (type specimens(s)) came from.

HOSTS - The Hostplants and Caterpillars Database

A database of the hostplants and foods of the world's Lepidoptera.

Butterflies and Moths of the World : Generic Names and their Type-species

A catalogue of the genus-group names and type-species of Lepidoptera, with a bibliography and images of representative species of each family.

Electronic Catalogue of Weevil names (Curculionoidea)

Currently the database contains some 70.000 names, including all generic and family-group names, in their current taxonomic position.

Rotifer Systematic Database

Database containing species info and taxonomy of Rotifera of the world.


Provides free online access to all the information on the ant species of the world.

Orthoptera Species File Online (OSF)

A taxonomic database of the world's Orthoptera (grasshoppers, locusts, katydids, crickets). It contains full synonymic and taxonomic information for over 25,900 valid species and over 43,600 taxonomic names (all ranks, valid and not valid). There are over 176,000 citations to references.

Universal Chalcidoidea Database

Contains original citations for all 31,000 taxonomic names made available within the Chalcidoidea. It also includes a comprehensive list (50,000) of the various generic combinations and misspellings that have been used in the literature. Also included are over 120,000 host/associate records and more than 140,000 distribution records.

The BioSystematic Database of World Diptera (BDWD)

The BDWD is a set of tools to aid users in finding information about flies. The two main components of the BDWD are the Nomenclator and the Species database.

2001 Systematic Catalogue of Culicidae

Database containing taxonomy and distribution of Culicidae of the world.

Trichoptera World Checklist

Taxonomic database with type-localities of every species

Fleas Taxonomy & Phylogeny

Database containing taxonomy and phylogeny of Siphonaptera of the world.

Atlas Hymenoptera project

Atlas Hymenoptera is a platform about hymenoptera's systematics, ecology, biogeography or ethology (distribution maps, illustrations, relevant bibliography)

Checklist of the Western Palaearctic Bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea: Anthophila)

This website aims to provide regularly updated information about the taxonomy and distribution of bees in the western Palaearctic region.

Taxonomic keys


ChiloKey , a matrix-based, interactive key to all 179 species of Geophilomorpha (Chilopoda) recorded from Europe

European Biodiversity Projects


EU BON aims to build the European Biodiversity Observation Network. It focuses standardising and integrating biodiversity information as well as facilitating its access and serves as the European contribution to the information infrastructure of the Group on Earth Observations Biodiversity Observation Network (GEO BON)

Other databases

European Nature Information System (EUNIS)

Data on Species, Habitats and Sites including relevant international conventions or from International Red Lists.

World Biodiversity Database (WBD)

Taxonomic database and information system that aims at documenting all presently known species (about 1.7 million).

Global Register of Migratory Species

Summarising knowledge about migratory species for conservation; database, mapserver, and satellite tracking.


GOBASE is a taxonomically broad organelle genome database that organizes and integrates diverse data related to organelles.

NCBI Taxonomy Browser Molecular Biology Data

The NCBI taxonomy database contains the names of all organisms that are represented in the genetic databases with at least one nucleotide or protein sequence.

Other taxonomic resources

The World Spider Catalog, Version 15.5

Check List of European Continental Mollusca (CLECOM)

Check List of European Marine Mollusca (CLEMAM)

References & literature databases

Google Scholar

Google Scholar enables you to search specifically for scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports from all broad areas of research.


Early Zoological Literature Online

Biology Browser (BIOSIS)

BIOSIS provides resources - such as the Nomenclature Glossary for Zoology, the Zoological Record Thesaurus, and more - for free on BiologyBrowser.


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